All quiet on the blogging front…

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front lately – we were away for a week, and since then I’ve had a few things preying on my mind so haven’t felt very chatty, or felt like joining in with anything much. I suppose the initial novelty of blogging has pretty much worn off for me now – it was all new and exciting for the first few months on Quiet Calliope, I had lots of quite serious personal stuff to say about living with depression (which was the main purpose of writing that blog) and it felt so good – really therapeutic – finally to have found my voice and be able to get it all off my chest.

But I also learned that an important part of having a voice is having the right not to use it if you choose not to. It soon proved all too easy for me to become too introspective, ruminating so much on talking about my own mental health issues that it became almost all-consuming, potentially making life worse again, not better…

Nevertheless I do enjoy the practice and process of blogging, so at that point I chose to let Quiet Calliope fall quiet and started a new blog, just for fun this time, nothing too serious. And here I am now almost two months into Mad Meandering Me, once more finding myself temporarily with nothing much to say…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m really enjoying participating in various weekly blog challenges, in particular sharing my growing love of photography. And I’m pleased to be opening up my world a little more each day through actively taking part in those challenges, choosing freely to join in with things for once. That may be something that other people take for granted, but it’s truly a huge thing for me; joining in isn’t something I’ve ever really done ‘for fun’ before.

I’m discovering that blogging is a great hobby for depressive introverts, creating virtual contact with others without actually having to socialise in real life; no making excruciatingly difficult small-talk over after-work drinks, no uncomfortable silences to be filled so painfully, no feeling awkward and panicky in crowds, wanting the floor beneath my feet to open up and swallow me whole… And so overall I’m easily finding the blogosphere a very friendly, comfortable place to be.

But my intention with this blog was always just to go with the flow of life, and over these last couple of weeks I know I’ve been a bit quieter than I’d intended – but I guess that’s just where life has taken me for now. No doubt this hiatus shall pass soon enough, and I’ll be back to my usual meandering before too long… 🙂


4 thoughts on “All quiet on the blogging front…

  1. I have also recently rediscovered my love of photography. Looking back at my archives, I see that it was always there, but now it’s in full bloom and gets me out into nature. I’m a new blogger since early April and found that joining ‘photo challenges’ is introducing me to a new virtual community which is quite interesting sometimes. 🙂

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    • Challenges are great, I’ve found them invaluable over the last year – it’s not only creatively motivating but is also a great way to meet new blog friends 🙂

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