Endless Endeavour…

There is nowhere to go

To escape life’s hourglass flow,

I feel caught for all time

In this glass cell of mine.

It holds me forever

Tipped for endless endeavour –

But still hope burns eternal

As my life turns, infernal.

Time’s sands trickling unchecked

Through life’s dark narrow neck,

Pull me down with them, choking

Tightness squeezing and gloating.

I stop struggling for breath

Wait for freedom, for death –

And time takes its harsh toll

On my parched empty soul…

I fall, jaded and tired,

No more pain, uninspired,

Long to sleep, rest in peace,

Force this trapped life to cease.

Ash to ash, dust to dust,

But yet keep on I must –

Live it all through again,

Grain by sharp, gritty grain.


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