The fun of blog challenges…

I’m really enjoying taking part in blog challenges – so far I’m joining in with four photography challenges, one writing challenge, and one regular getting-to-know-everyone Q&A post each week. It’s great fun to have to have a specific focus for these particular posts, and it’s a great way to network efficiently with other bloggers, all of whom share at least a common interest in photography/ writing with me.

It’s a busy two-way street, too. Not only is it brilliant having other bloggers dropping in to check out my challenge posts, but I can also browse around checking out their specific posts (and often the rest of their blog) too. I’ve found so many new blogs to follow (and have gained new followers myself) simply through our shared participation in specific blog challenges.

So a huge big thank you to all you bloggers out there who take the time and effort to set up and run these challenges week by week, who become one of the central nodes in the network through which we all meet. You all truly help put the ‘social’ into the diverse social network community that is the blogosphere, and I for one am very grateful 🙂


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