Weekly Writing Challenge: Leftovers – ‘Aftermath’

After I’d uploaded my previous DP Weekly Writing Challenge post on the topic of Leftovers, this poem came to me in its painfully raw state, so I thought I’d share it too, just as it is…


When all is said and done

Verbal battles lost and won

Reputations dragged through dirt

Souls all ravaged, ripped by hurt

When passing time creates perspective

White-hot anger cools, reflective

A new morning comes again

Brings dawning shame, regret and pain

We have hurt those that we cherish

Used words that wound instead of nourish

Words that cannot now be unsaid

Screamed in anguish, left for dead

And as great shards of rapier guilt

Pierce through our hearts up to the hilt

We know with agonising sorrow

We will still feel that guilt tomorrow…



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