Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast – family generations

My final entry for this week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast.

For me this family portrait, of my grandmother proudly holding my first grandchild, beautifully captures the contrast between the oldest and youngest family members across five generations. generations

My grandmother was born in the summer of 1914, just a month or so before the outbreak of World War One. Eighty-seven years, two children, six grandchildren and many more great-grandchildren later her first great-great-grandchild – my first grandchild – came into the world, giving us at that time five living generations of direct line descendants.

We took several family photographs on that particular day – different combinations of my grandmother, my mum, me, my eldest daughter, and her baby boy – but out of all of those images we took, this picture has always stayed my favourite. Sadly my grandmother died in early 2006, in her 92nd year, and with this year marking the 100th anniversary of her birth, she is perhaps more on my mind than usual.

She was much loved, my grandmother, and is still very much missed by all her surviving family. But she had lived a long and fruitful life, and her time had simply come. Nevertheless we as her descendants all remain her enduring legacy, and through each of us her memory lives on, held safe and warm in our hearts and minds forever…


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