Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

For this week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast I’ve chosen two images that break the rule on always having the light source behind you. Sometimes intentionally creating shadows and sillhouettes by taking a shot into the light, highlighting and exaggerating the contrast between light and dark, can often bring a different perspective to what may otherwise turn out to be a rather boring image.

The first was taken here in London, and is a backlit shot of three elliptical pods on the London Eye sillhoutted against a dramatic-looking sky. I love the way the people inside are so completely anonymised, yet I feel their presence brings a real sense of scale to the image.

The second was taken in Louisiana, at Vermilionville Cajun Heritage Centre, where I felt inexplicably drawn to the odd collection of bits and pieces congregated together on the back porch – taking the shot with the shadows reaching towards me, rather than away, somehow feels more intimate, I think… backlit-porch-bits-and-pieces



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