Groundhog day…


I’m trying to imagine the possibilities of opening up a new chapter looking towards a potential positive future for my life, making a concentrated effort to turn over the page and finally close the book on my difficult depressive past. Of somehow resisting the pull of those same old self-stories, those tired over-used habitual self-limiters that keep me slogging along on the same old track, head down, wondering why life always seems to be nothing but an endless series of restrictive pattern repeats, never seeming to change…

Imagine how it might feel not to have those invisible chains holding me down, holding me back, keeping me forever anchored to the past through the sheer weight of my own over-analysed history. Imagine being able to see an alternative unfettered future, one decided by an unlimited me. Unlimited in the sense of simply accepting my actual, practical limitations without adding even more…

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