Technical Fault: ID-10-T

I’m not a naturally technological person… practical, yes, but technological, no. Don’t get me wrong, I’m quick enough to use technology when it suits me, but unlike many I don’t necessarily find it either inherently intuitive or immediately user-friendly. I just don’t think my brain works that way, so I often struggle a bit until I really start to get the hang of how new things work…

This morning’s light-bulb idea sounded simple enough. There’s a Facebook widget that can be added to my blog so I thought – I know, I’ll make a Facebook page specifically for linking my blog posts to, so then any friends who want to can still follow my blog that way, without absolutely everyone on my personal Facebook account being bombarded by blog posts they’re not the slightest bit interested in…

So after only a couple of false starts I created my new Facebook page. I added that page to Publicize on WordPress. I tried to ‘share’ an old post from my blog with the page to see if it worked and… nothing. Zilch, zip, nada. So I tried again with another post and… still nothing. Hmmm…

Knowing it’s always more likely to be a fault caused by my mistake than a genuine glitch in the software, I first checked I’d set up the WordPress side correctly. All OK there, so I then checked that I’d set up the Facebook side correctly and… duh! One little check-mark box, absentmindedly unchecked in the passing, and suddenly even I can’t post links to my own Facebook page – so box re-checked, and problem solved!

Definitely one that falls under technical fault ID-10-T… but I’m pleased that at least I found it and fixed it all by myself, without having to ask anyone more technologically-minded for help 🙂


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