Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus…

With this new blog I’m planning to make a concentrated effort to join in with things more, to put myself out there and take part in regular blog challenges, both with writing and photography. There, I’ve put it in writing, so I’ll have to do it now!

This week’s photo challenge on The Daily Post is on the subject of ‘focus’, and as I’m always playing about and experimenting with depth of field (not always entirely successfully, I hasten to add) I figured this would be as good a place to start as any.

This particular photograph has turned out to be one of my favourites – I was actually exploring framing and composition at the time, but when I focused the camera on the overhanging branch closest to the lens I realised that I really liked the blurry background effect it created. The blurriness seems to me to add to the feeling of distance, both in terms of visual perspective and in suggesting personal distance from the stranger walking her dog further down the path. Here in London where personal space is severely limited, people tend to habitually filter out everyone else and just focus on their own little world – it’s not so much a habit born of rudeness as an absolute necessity for psychological self-preservation in such a densely populated city… I really love the way the narrow depth of field here (aperture wide open, lower f-number) helps recreate that feeling visually 🙂

FocusWalking in Wanstead Park East London


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