A bitter pill to swallow…


Purplepersuasion’s article ‘Jagged little pill: has the recovery narrative gone too far?’ puts into words most eloquently some of the troubling half-hearted thoughts and semi-solid ideas that have so recently lead me to question my own blogging journey, my own narrative of resilience and recovery.

I started writing quietcalliope four months ago, at the age of fifty, with the idea of finally giving myself a voice and sharing my experience of living with life-long, low-lying depression punctuated intermittently with deeper, more debilitating depressive episodes. In one sense this has proved truly successful for me – I have indeed found my voice. But nevertheless after a while I found writing under that singular remit too restrictive, too psychologically uncomfortable, as I felt defined – was effectively defining myself – by what is after all only one facet of my being.

So with a slightly troubled heart I decided to move on…

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