Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park…

It’s been two years since London hosted the Olympic Games, and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park has only recently been re-opened, with the entire area being re-fashioned for business, homes and schools, sports, and leisure. Making the most of a sunny summer’s afternoon in Stratford, I went for a wander to explore one end of it a little bit…

DSC_0029cDSC_0175cThe Olympic stadium itself is still under reconstruction so is closed off to the public, but is due for completion as a football/ sports venue sometime during 2016.

DSC_0045cDSC_0052cThe traditional helter-skelter brings a splash of colour to the children’s play area, and the climbing wall looks like fun!

DSC_0081c DSC_0088c DSC_0099c DSC_0104c DSC_0171c DSC_0181cThe wildflowers are out in abundance and really brighten up the park, and as the multi-level walkways are mirrored on the underside this can give rise to some wonderfully creative reflections.

DSC_0201cThe Aquatic Centre, now minus the extra seating pod wings on either side, is currently providing swimming lessons for local schoolchildren.

DSC_0185cLooking over towards the old Olympic Village buildings from one of the walkways through the park. I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be good to have such a modern public space freely available so close to home 🙂


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